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Call of Duty

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a first person shooter game, set during the Second World War. Teams are pitted against each other in a fight to capture and/or defend crucial objectives in famous battles such as Stalingrad and D-Day. The game takes pride in being a realistic shooter in a powerful historic environment. You could say it is the Counter-Strike of the new millennium.

The Freedom Fighters Division of Call of Duty was initiated by FF-Tyrone, one of the clans previous High-commanders, in November 2003 and has just recently become the latest official game played by the Freedom Fighters community. The division already has around 9 players from around Europe and is currently participating in the Definitive-Leagues.

The CoD team stands for Fun, Sportsmanship and respect towards all gamers and has the skill and ambition to become one of the best teams in the CoD multiplayer community.

Command Staff

European Brigade
CO FF-Tyrone

European Division
CAPT FF-Micdee

LT FF-Mailman


Definitive-Leagues is owned by ={DiVA}=CunningStunt={MoH}= it was established in mid 2003 and has grown to be one of the best gaming ladders in online play.

The League consists of numerous leagues, Spearhead, Allied Assault and Call of Duty each league have smaller leagues within them such as 2v2 and Rifles only.

This league is using the Total War mod 2.3DL created by the clan [VS-UK] . This mod is different then the normal style. First of all it will give you 3 player styles to choose from.

For more information about this check the info screen on our server, spectate and press the USE (F) key. Second all weapons have been modified which you can best experience in game. If you are interested in finding out more how this mod works, pay a visit to Total War Documentation.

Contact Information

E-mail FF-Tyrone
E-mail FF-Mailman