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Counter-Strike is a free downloadable modification for the popular game Half-Life. Counter-Strike is now the most played online First Person Shooter game in the world and has developed a huge following. The game pits Terrorists against Counter-Terrorists and takes place in a number of different locations from dusty arenas to snowy landscapes. There are currently three modes of play: Bomb, Hostage and Assassination.

FF Division

The Freedom Fighters clan first established a Counter-Strike division around November 2001 (around the time of Version 1.3). At that time most of the players in the division were pilots from either MechWarrior 4 or Freespace 2. During this time we started to get a bit more serious than just a group of friends meeting up on publics servers.

The division entered its first ladder league but soon we ran into a problem....we needed a server!!! FF-Goose hosted the original base of the Freedom Fighters in Counter-Strike and created a 14 man server located in Denmark. After its creation the division started its move upwards.

Initially establishing itself in the Enemy Down Ladder, the division has entered many other ladders, leagues and cups, with mixed success. Last active season in the Division 1 of Enemy Down we were always striving to better ourselves and to carry the name of the Freedom Fighters into the huge online world of Counter-Strike!!!


Command Staff

CO FF HeatSeekeR
XO FF Sajk


Enemy Down
The Freedom Fighters first joined this UK 5v5 ladder style league in 2001 and have played in it ever since. We have played over 100 matches within Enemy Down with mixed success. Since we started in the lowest division, the Clan's main achievement has been to work its way up to the Premier Division. However, due to inactivity we have been relegatated to the 1st Division.

After a few months playing in the Enemy Down Ladder we decided to look at other leagues/ladders for new challenges. ClanBase was one of the largest multi-gaming communities in Europe and caters for many games and nations. The Counter-Strike Division entered the UK 5's ladder and also entered into the UK & Eire Community Cup, which pitched us against some of the top clans in the country.