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MechWarrior Online

Mechwarrior Online is a free-to-play tactical BattleMech simulation, officially launched during September 2013. As a pilot, you are about to take control of the most powerful mechanical battle units the universe has ever seen. Command your Mech and customize it to suit your battlefield role: upgrade systems, replace weapons, and tweak armor with endless options. MechWarrior Online lets players command at will: go head-to-head online alone or with friends in high-octane Conquest and VS modes. Band together and form your own Mercenary Corp, invite friends and battle other player-made Merc Corps for prestige and power. Pledge your allegiance to one of the five great houses and fight for control of precious Inner Sphere planets.

Mechwarrior Online puts MechWarriors into team-based and tactical battlefield where the victors swim in the spoils of war and are rewarded with the almighty C-Bill (in-game currency). Each team has up to 12 players and the two teams are pitted in combat in an enclosed battlefield. Communication is key, be it in-game chat, integrated C3, or a third party VOIP solution, keeping in constant communication with your teammates will drastically increase your team’s chances of success.

The various weight classes of BattleMechs help create their own evolving roles on the battlefield. Fast moving scouts can feed target and tactical information back to the main battle group and the team commander. This information allows the support and assault role pilots to decide where to put their resources to work. Long-range fire support and heavy hitting assault class Mechs will use this invaluable information to finish the job at hand. It is up to you, the pilot, to customize your BattleMech’s loadout and electronic systems to fulfill the role you want to take.

The game is set in a 1:1 timeline with the BattleTech universe, meaning that the current year 2014 equates to 3051 in BattleTech lore and each day that passes in real life also passes in the game. This means we are on the brink of the upcoming Clan invasion and utilizing the latest in technology available in the 3049 timeframe.


FF Division

The Freedom Fighters Division of Mechwarrior Online was formed in June of 2013 and has been run by FF Hobbes since its creation. Assisted by FF Darkhalf in the Divisions early days more members joined and are enjoying dropping in lances together on a regular basis.

Command Staff

CO FF Hobbes
XO FF Darkhalf


The Freedom Fighters havn't entered any tournament or competition so far.

Contact Information

Please contact FF Hobbes, or FF Darkhalf in game for any questions.