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Freespace 2

GTF Hercules Mark II FighterFreespace 2, the award winning sim of the year '99 is a superb space opera of epic proportions. The strong emphasis on plot development combined with spectacular graphics and story-based missions make Freespace 2 the best space sim ever made, even 4 years after its initial release.

It takes place in the year 2367, 32 years after the Great War, where the imposing forces of the Shivans have surfaced again, threatening the survival of the Terrans and the Vasudans.

Pilot up to 15 Ships with deadly weapons, destroy Huge Capital ships, guard transports, fly recon missions and guard your life. Back in black and bigger than ever, Freespace 2 is just about everything you'd want in a hard-core 3D space combat sim.

GVD Hatshepsut Destroyer

FF Division

The Multiplayer game, played on PXO's online hub, offered an intense competition in either Team versus Team, Co-operative or Free for all modes with up to 12 players per game.

The Freedom Fighters have been involved with Freespace 2 since 1999; indeed it is the reason the clan exists. Freedom Fighters were extremely well respected within the Freespace 2 online community and the division has always competed at the highest level. With countless victories amongst the stars we always strive to be honourable in our quest for domination. Always valiant we fight for freedom

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Command Staff

CO FF-Darkhalf
XO FF-Nopileos

Freespace Open

The source code was released in 2002. Content update packs have been developed which take advantage of the upgraded game engine. These packs include higher-poly models and higher resolution textures. The end result of this project is a graphically superior and far more flexible game engine, while still retaining all of the gameplay elements that made Freespace 2 successful. In addition the pxo online hub has been replaced by FS2NET making online play possible again, including a lobby to meet other pilots.

Check the FSOpen Installation guide and join online play.


Squadwars were the original Freespace 2 leagues in which the best pilots from around the world gathered to fight for domination of the galaxy. You not only need pure fighting skills but also strategical thinking to be successful here. Squadwars consisted of three different leagues in which squads could compete; Europe, North America and World. The Freedom Fighters were one of the 3 remaining powerful squads in Squadwars and were dominating the World League and holding the 2nd place in the North American League in the last league cycle.

Freespace Teamwars
Teamwars was a newly created way to play Freespace 2 and aimed to help keep the game alive. The competition has been based on group stages followed by a knockout system. The ideal behind Teamwars was to have good clean matches and a lot of fun while still having a winner in the end. Matches were only played 2v2 and team-mates donít neccessarily had to be part of the same squad. The first round of TW was finished in December 2003 with the Freedom Fighters, though only fielding 2 teams, reaching a spectacular 1st and 3rd place.


Diaspora   Diaspora: Shattered Armistice is a single and multiplayer space fighter combat game set in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica universe. The game is entirely standalone and everything you need to play is included in the download. It is completely free to play.
Wing Commander Saga   Wing Commander Saga is a standalone single player game meant as an homage to Chris Roberts original Wing Commander.
It's humanity's most desperate hour, a desperate struggle for survival against impossible odds, and you've got a front row seat.