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Star Citizen brings the visceral action of piloting interstellar craft through combat and exploration to a new generation of gamers at a level of fidelity never before seen.

Star Citizen will offer a persistent massive multiplayer universe with dynamic instancing to limit the number of players that can interact at once, while still offering a unified game world. Star Citizen will be offering nail biting space combat, coupled with space exploration and even the ability to move around planets, and cities you land in. You will be able to trade, fight and steal what you need to survive, or make your life more comfortable and arguably the most important thing about this is you will be able to do it with friends, or complete strangers for that matter. Players will be able to fly deep into the solar system to explore an asteroid field and call in their buddy who has a mining ship to come in and gather resources, or explore derelict space vessels.

GVD Hatshepsut Destroyer

Star Citizen takes you further than any other online game with an unparalleled level of immersion. Step out of the pilot's seat for the first time: traverse your cockpit, explore planets and cities and even engage in first person boarding actions to take over other ships, bases and orbital platforms. Play with your friends on your wing, watching your back or manning turrets on your ship all in a massive universe that evolves with players instead of against them.

At the same time, Squadron 42 will allow players to experience a single-player campaign in the grand tradition of Chris Roberts' Wing Commander. Progress through a pulse-pounding narrative whose outcome depends on your decisions and skills as a pilot. A branching storyline means you're never playing the same game twice. Optional drop-in multiplayer allows friends to join as wingmen during the story!

The persistent universe will have a fully simulated game economy driven by supply and demand. Everything from space pirate attacks to planetary disasters to coordinated efforts from player groups will have a noticeable impact on how goods work in Star Citizen. Everything in turn generates jobs for players and NPCs alike, from planets hiring mercenaries to restore their supply lines to additional haulers to move surplus goods where they're needed. Ships in the Star Citizen universe aren't just pretty shapes, they are fully functioning vehicles with hundreds of components, many of which move and articulate as you imagine they would on a real spaceship.

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The Freedom Fighters have initially been highly interested since the kickstarter campaign and are awaiting every step towards the final game release. The Freedom Fighters will always strive to be honourable in their quest for domination and have created their organization profile on the RSI site.

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The next generation of Wing Commander’s TrainSim allows pilots to test out their combat skills against friends or strangers in a simulation. Gain valuable combat experience without the downside of losing your ship in the game universe! Place bets on competitions across the galaxy. It will offer various tournaments, rankings to compete with each other.

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