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Day of Defeat

Day of Defeat

On 26 September 2005, the DOD Division re-opened after the release of DOD:Source. It appears that Valve has finally worked the major kinks out of Steam and the game is playing great. We are activley recruiting people that want to have a good time in a fast and competive atmosphere.

You can find us on the all new [FF] Freedom Fighters - Public Carnage Server. Add it to your favorites in Steam and come on in and join us!

In early 2002 three senior members, FF-Cernunnos, FF-Hobbes and FF-Nemesis, began to look seriously into creating a Freedom Fighters Division for the Half-Life modification Day of Defeat (DoD). After long discussion these three members petitioned Central Command and were given the go ahead to attempt an expansion in June 2002. A probationary division was formed with FF-Nemesis and FF-Darkdog taking up the mantle of Divisional Commander and Executive Officer respectively. It soon became clear that the game was extremely popular amongst the North American members whilst the European members were more prone to play Counter-strike. New members began to flood into the Division and regular practice times were established.

At this point it was decided that the members had reached sufficient goals to become a fully sanctioned Freedom Fighters Division and this was awarded in July 2002. The Division was joined by people such as FF-Fubar, FF-Truks'n'Toys and FF-Showtime who alongside others would become crucial members of the team. It was decided, after some deliberation, that the DoD Division would participate in the European Theatre of Operations League (ETO). The Divisions first few games showed that the DoD members had a promising future; the skills were there for all to see but more planning and teamwork were needed if we were to become stronger. The addition of a team server in October 2002, paid for in the most part by FF-Fubar and FF-Truks'n'Toys, was extremely welcomed at this point and allowed the Division to play, learn and create tactics in a private arena.

During this period the Division suffered a series of setback's. The first of these was the resignation of its original Commander, FF-Nemesis. The second setback was the collapse of the ETO League in January 2003. However, the Day of Defeat Division was beginning to become a formidable group of players and when the ETO League was closed the Freedom Fighters were in the Number One position and remained undefeated in the Western ETO League.

FF-Darkdog took up the reigns of command; FF-Fubar joined him as Divisional XO and FF-Truks'n'Toys as Recruitment and Training Officer. The command team began to look for a new league to play in and settled upon the Online Gaming League's (OGL) Day of Defeat ladder. Now the Division made huge bounds in playing style and tactics and winning a quite a few games along the way. This was the first of the great periods where the victories started to flow in for the Freedom Fighters DoD Division and was to last for several months.

Sadly FF-Darkdog, the Divisions CO, was forced to give more time to his real life responsibilities and less time to his duties as Divisional Commander. After a few months this caused FF-Cernunnos, by now the communities leader, to rethink how the Division was run. It was decided to place the highly regarded former community leader FF-Hobbes into the position of Day of Defeat CO. Under the command of FF-Hobbes the Division began to take on the aspects that it had always promised. Winning games became a regular occurrence and the Divisions members began to operate as an elite fighting force. This was helped a great deal by the addition of a new public DoD server provided by FF-Showtime.

The final demise of the Freedom Fighters DoD Division began with FF-Hobbes resignation, due to him joining the U.S. Coast Guard. FF-Fubar took over as CO with FF-Nemesis returning as his XO. These two members would run the Division in an extremely professional manner, following on the tradition that FF-Hobbes and the team had created. However, they also had the miss-fortune to run the Division during the introduction of STEAM.

STEAM, the new login system from Half-life's creators Valve, created massive problems within DoD. Many of the Divisions members could not get the STEAM software to work properly, if at all. This meant that the Division lost many of its key members, who through no fault of their own simply could not play the game anymore.

And so, in November 2003, it was decided that, thanks to the destruction which STEAM had caused within the Division, Freedom Fighters DoD should be closed.

The story of the Freedom Fighters Day of Defeat Division is a heroic one about a dedicated group of members who loved the game that they played and the team they played it with. All, however, is not lost! The majority of this once mighty North American DoD Division have now moved on to play another World War II first person shooter, Call of Duty, alongside their European brethren...the beginnings of that story can be found elsewhere upon these web pages.

Command Staff

CO FF-Fubar
XO FF-Nemesis
SA FF-ScoobyDude